Boise Back Pain ChiropractorHow many times have you postponed vacations, cancelled dinner plans, or called in sick to work just because you were too tired or beaten up? How many times have you hoped for a rainy day to give you an excuse to stay home instead of attending your children’s soccer game?

Millions of Americans just like you are suffering with pain and fatigue every single day, and they have no idea what its source is. While some chalk it up to age, others blame it on their diet, type of mattress, work hours, or even the weather.

But did you know the most common cause of pain and fatigue is most likely a misalignment in your spine? More specifically, a misalignment in your vertebrae which is putting constant and often dangerous pressure on the delicate nerves flowing out of it.

This results in not only pain and discomfort throughout your body, but more importantly cutting off vital nerve energy from reaching your organs.

Think about it… how often do you find yourself tossing and turning in bed looking for that perfect sleeping position? How often do you find yourself slouched behind the computer until your spouse mentions something about sitting up straight? How often do you look down at your phone, reading news, text messages, or emails? How often do you lay down on the sofa on one side, watching television for hours on end? Factor in any past history of injuries, falls, or accidents and you have the perfect recipe for spinal misalignments.

If left untreated, the constant pressure on your nerves leads to diminished nerve flow to your limbs and organs, leading to pain, organ dysfunction, or eventually disease.

Chiropractic doctors specializing in Chiropractic BioPhsysics® or CBP can pinpoint where these misalignements are, and offer you a customized plan to restore your spine back to health, and in the process restore healthy nerve flow back to your body.

If you live in or around the #Boise area, and are suffering from pain, discomfort, or a wide range of diseases that your medical doctor is simply masking with medication, call us. We have successfully helped thousands eliminate pain and discomfort from its source, without any drugs, surgery, pain, or downtime.

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