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Eliminate the Root Cause of Back Pain, Headache, and Poor Health

Our team of advanced corrective chiropractic doctors have helped thousands of Boise, Eagle, and Meridian residents eliminate the source of back pain, neck pain, migraines, headaches, and fatigue through Chiropractic BioPhysics – the most advanced, scientific, researched, and results-oriented chiropractic spinal rehabilitation technique.

Headed by Eagle Idaho chiropractor Dr. Deed Harrison – the world’s preeminent expert in corrective chiropractic care – the Ideal Spine Health Center in Boise and Eagle Idaho specializes in eliminating the source of back pain, neck pain, fatigue, headaches, and migraines through Chiropractic BioPhysics. This highly-scientific, researched, and results-oriented technique has helped thousands of patients realign their spine back to health, and enjoy pain-free, energetic lives.

At Ideal Spine Health Center in Boise, our main goal is to alleviate the root cause of your pain or discomfort. Through Chiropractic BioPhysics – the most researched, scientific, and results-oriented technique – we are able to restore your spine back to its normal curve, alleviating painful and dangerous nerve interference. The result is a healthy, vibrant, and pain-free you!

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    Our Patients Have Seen Tremendous Results With…

    • Back Pain / Neck Pain

    • Headaches

    • Migraines

    • Fatigue / Fibromyalgia

    • Acid Reflux / GERD

    • Poor Posture

    • Scoliosis

    • Sciatica

    • Disc Herniation


    As one of only Chiropractic BioPhysics certified clinics in Idaho, our approach involves the correction and rehabilitation of your spine. By rolling back the damaging effects of time, poor posture habits, or injuries, we are able to realign the spine to its optimum shape and eliminate nerve interference – the main source of back or neck pain, fatigue, and disease.


    • Back and Neck Pain
    • Headaches and Migraines
    • Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
    • Acid Reflux
    • Allergies and Asthma
    • Poor Posture
    • Scoliosis
    • Joint Pain
    • Sciatica

    Why Corrective Chiropractic Works Better

    Not all chiropractors are alike. While most aim to get rid of back pain or neck pain by adjusting your spine, they don’t do anything to address the root cause of the misalignment. It’s like forcing a leaning tree back to 90 degrees, and watching it slowly bend downward again. You can do that for the rest of the tree’s life, but the problem will still persist.

    On the other hand, CBP doctors aim to not only put an end to your pain, but they do so by reshaping / rehabilitating the spine back to its “normal” curvature. This ensures that structurally the spine is strong and back in alignment, while taking pressure off the delicate nerves that run energy to your vital organs.

    As a result, most CBP patients report a wide range of conditions improving after care. These include increased energy, better quality of sleep, improved mood, and an overall better feeling of wellness. Some patients also report an end or decrease in the frequency of some disesase – including acid reflux, asthma, fibromyalgia / fatigue, and even high blood pressure.

    Back Pain Relief 98%
    Posture Correction 97%
    Neck Pain Relief 95%
    Migraine / Headache Relief 94%
    Fatigue / Fibromyalgia Relief 92%
    Acid Reflux / GERD 88%
    Allergies / Immune System 87%
    High Blood Pressure 83%

    CBP Chiropractor

    How Can CBP
    Change Your Life?

    Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) is a highly-advanced, scientific, and proven chiropractic technique which corrects and restores your spine back to alignment. CBP combines biology, physiology, physics, geometry, and anatomy to identify the root causes of your pain, discomfort, loss of mobility, and altered health.

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