Boise Eagle Chiropractor Senior Citizen Care

You’re never too old for chiropractic care. In fact, older patients can benefit greatly from spinal manipulation. As we age, our spine degenerates. The cervical spine (the neck) can become misaligned, affecting the nerve receptors that help govern balance and coordination. The joints that allow us to bend and twist become less flexible. As a result, we experience inflammation (arthritis) and pain.

At Ideal Spine Health Center in Eagle, Idaho, we can relieve neck and back pain that arises from aging. Our corrective care approach can also increase range of motion, improve balance and even reduce the risk of falls for patients in the cities of Boise, Eagle, and Meridian, Idaho.

Several studies have provided evidence that chiropractic care can be helpful to the aging population.

Ian Coulter from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College conducted a study whose results were published in 1996 in the journal Topics of Clinical Chiropractic. The study evaluated the health status of 414 individuals whose average age was 80. It compared individuals under chiropractic care with those not under chiropractic care. Key points in the study included:

  • 44 percent of those who used chiropractic care reported having arthritis compared with 66 percent in the non-chiropractic care group;
  • Those who used chiropractic care were more likely to do strenuous levels of exercise
  • At follow-up three years later, less than 5 percent of those who used chiropractic care lived in a nursing home, compared with 48 percent of those who did not use chiropractic care.
  • After three years’ follow-up, only 26 percent of those who used chiropractic care were hospitalized, compared with 48 percent in the non-chiropractic group.

A 2004 study published in Clinical Geriatric Medicine concluded: “Relative to musculoskeletal care in elderly patients, chiropractic adjustments (spinal manipulative therapy) are recommended by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research for the care of acute low back pain, and the American Geriatric Society Panel Guidelines for the Management of Chronic Pain state that non-pharmaceutical interventions such as chiropractic may be appropriate.”

Headed by Dr. Deed Harrison – the preeminent authority on spinal health – and president of the Chiropractic BioPhysics Technique and Seminars, the Ideal Spine Health Center is the largest corrective chiropractic care facility in the United States, specializing in transforming the lives of our patients by correcting their spine.

Only a small percentage of dedicated and highly educated chiropractors are certified to practice CBP – one of the most researched, published, results-oriented and scientific corrective set of chiropractic techniques in the world. The goal of such care is to correct spinal misalignments, eliminate nerve interference, and allow the body’s innate forces to strengthen and heal.

If you or a loved one is needlessly suffering from the ravages of the aging process, please contact us for a free consultation and exam to see if you qualify for care.