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Knowing the facts about back surgery and understanding the alternative to back surgery is critical to a patient needing to choose the right treatment path. Often back pain sufferers have to make a decision that they feel best suits their needs; and while most of the time the quickest remedy or solution may seem logical, long term implications should also be evaluated before going under the knife.

Today, according to some numbers, between 65 to 80 million Americans suffer from some degree of back pain. This is categorized as anything from a mild discomfort that can often be ignored or masked with occasional over-the-counter pain killers, to excruciating and debilitating back pain that affects the patient’s quality of life, requiring a much more significant and lasting solution.

For this reason, back pain is now the second most common reason for a doctor’s visit, with most cases being handled through prescription pain medication. In more serious cases, patients are referred to a back specialist, a spine center or a back surgeon that will recommend a minor or major back procedure which really translates into having invasive back surgery.

Doctors commonly mistreat back pain by aggressively turning to surgery, rather than focusing on lifestyle and more natural therapeutic approaches. This trend of dismissing more effective alternatives has now become mainstream, often as a result of impatient back pain suffers who quickly want to see results, or profit hungry hospitals looking to capitalize on any opportunity to make money. After all, hospitals are in business to show a profit and with an influx of scheduled surgeries, shareholders are sure to remain pleased with a stream of revenue.

Research published in 1993 put back surgery success rates at 15 to 20%, and in 2006, that number was adjusted to 24%. Other more recent sources claim this number to be as high as 40% – which still gives the back pain patients at best a less than likely shot of getting better.

With success rates so dismal, why would anyone opt to go through highly invasive surgery, and risk not getting any better despite having gone through so much stress and anguish, suffered so much pain and discomfort, and being put in financial distress possibly for the rest of their lives?

What is the alternative to back surgery that does not involve habit forming drugs or painful procedures? What course of treatment is more successful than the options listed above that almost always results in permanent recovery without any pain or anguish?

By far the most successful alternative to back surgery and eliminating back pain is corrective chiropractic care performed by a highly trained CBP® chiropractor. Chiropractic BioPhysics was developed as a result of decades of research and stands as the most scientific and result-oriented technique worldwide. By addressing the root cause of the patient’s back pain through detailed x-rays and analysis, CBP® chiropractors are able to pinpoint even the slightest misalignments in the spine, and come up with a customized course of treatment that returns the spine back to its normal curvature – resulting in a “reset” of the patient’s back to its healthy and pain-free state.

So if you or a loved one is suffering from some degree of back pain, please consider corrective chiropractic care as your alternative to back surgery before the problem exacerbates into something much worse.

Call the Ideal Spine Health Center in Eagle / Boise area for a free consultation with Dr. Deed Harrison, the doctor who founded and developed the amazing Chiropractic BioPhysics technique himself. With thousands of success stories under his belt, the Ideal Spine Health Center is positive that we can get you back to living a pain-free life, without ever having to go under the knife or taking another pain killer for your back pain.

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