Eagle/Boise, Idaho – Millions of Americans admit that they suffer from daily aches and pains – some mild and manageable, and some downright debilitating. Most sufferers attribute this to “growing pains”, rationalizing that it’s normal for their bodies to go through this decline as they age.

But what if there was a way to reverse these aches and pains, and bring your body out of the constant state of pain and inflammation. Would you be open to trying it?

If you notice, people’s postures become increasingly disfigured as they age. They go from walking upright and energetic, to hunched and tired. Studies show that a bad posture (even if unnoticeable to the naked eye) puts constant pressure on the nerves that run from your spine to the rest of your body.

This pressure not only causes subtle pain and discomfort at first, but if left untreated will lead to debilitating pain, even disease. Why? Because nerves and nerve energy control everything in our bodies – from blinking, thinking, and digestion, to muscle movement and everything else imaginable.

So would it make sense to correct your posture and reverse the negative effects of it? Absolutely.

Chiropractic BioPhysics® is a unique chiropractic technique which works to alleviate postural deformities scientifically and systematically from its source. Whether you have a small kink in your neck, or a major spinal deformity, CBP can most likely reverse your spinal distortion without any risky surgery, braces, or drugs.

As a matter of fact, many CBP patients report reversal of some of their other symptoms only weeks after start of a corrective care treatment program. Conditions such as heartburn (GERD), migraine headaches, fatigue and breathing problems have diminished substantially as a result of a better posture!

To find out if you are a candidate for care, please contact Ideal Spine Health Center at 208-939-2502 today.