Back PainAre you an avid runner who suffers from back pain? Many people find that running amplifies lower back pain. Even light jogging involves repeated stress and impact on your joints, often for a solid duration of time. It is important to learn how to avoid back pain if you are a runner and know when to seek treatment. The Ideal Spine Health team has some solutions.

Loosen Up and Stretch

It is important to make sure you warm-up before your run, getting your muscles moving. Once nice and loose, you’ll want to follow that up with stretching. It is important to get a thorough stretch in before running any distance. Be sure to focus on stretching your hamstrings at least twice daily to minimize stress on your lower back.

Cross Train

Cross training is also helpful, as it allows you participate in different exercise activities to avoid overuse of one group of muscles. Give light weightlifting a shot a few days a week. You can also swap out running with biking at least once a week. This will allow your body to develop and strengthen different muscle groups.

Renew The Shoes

Lastly, make sure you are wearing comfortable, supportive shoes and replace them when they are no longer advantageous. Athletic shoe company ASICS recommends getting new shoes every 450-550 miles you run with your shoes. For people with an unstable foot, shoes that don’t provide you with the proper support can further heighten the pain. Lack of support cause stress and strain on joints. Make sure to purchase shoes with adequate support and laces you can adjust to your liking. It is also important to note that inserts or insoles can provide extra, necessary support.

If your back pain has become too much to bare, regardless of whether you have tried these tips, it is critical to see a chiropractic specialist to treat and correct the issue. To learn more about back pain relief, visit Ideal Spine Health Center or call 208-939-2502 for a free back pain consultation!