scoliosisBOISE, Idaho — Over three million Americans suffer from Scoliosis, a condition which is defined as an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. This spinal deformity can result in discomfort, pain and other health issues.

The Ideal Spine Health Center headquartered in Eagle, Idaho, in partnership with an Australian based scoliosis research center, has devised a corrective and highly successful treatment plan involving advanced chiropractic care and the ScoliBrace. Unlike most treatment plans short of surgery, this particular approach has been met with extreme success.

Developed by Australian chiropractor Dr. Jeb McAviney in conjunction with research and input from Dr. Deed Harrison, this specific brace works by helping align the spine with great precision at specific points with calculated pressure. When applied correctly and combined with specific chiropractic care and other exercises, this course of treatment will give scoliosis sufferers a real solution to correcting their spinal deformities without the need for invasive surgery.

“Through years of research and study, Dr. McAviney and I have devised the most significant advancement in scoliosis treatment to date,” says Dr. Deed Harrison, Chiropractic BioPhysics® co-founder and clinical director at the Ideal Spine Health Center. “Whereas before scoliosis treatment was a bit vague and yielded no significant results, today we are proud to introduce patients to a viable and highly effective solution to correct spinal deformities with great precision and unsurpassed results, giving scoliosis sufferers great hope for living a normal life.”

The Ideal Spine Health Center located in Eagle, Idaho is the preeminent authority on corrective chiropractic care led by world renowned researcher and chiropractic pioneer Dr. Deed Harrison. The ISHC offers free consultation to scoliosis sufferers to help them understand this new approach to correcting the spine.