boise chiropractor satisfaction with chiropracticChiropractic patients are more satisfied with their treatment for back pain and neck pain than patients who are treated by medical doctors.

Those are the findings of a study published in the Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapies in October 2014. Researchers used data from a randomized trial of spinal manipulation therapy (SMT) delivered by chiropractors, home exercise and advice (HEA) delivered by exercise therapists, and medication (MED) prescribed by a medical doctors for acute/subacute neck pain.

According to the researchers, “Individuals with acute/subacute neck pain were more satisfied with specific aspects of care received during spinal manipulation therapy or home exercise interventions compared to receiving medication.”

Those results are similar to a study conducted by Consumer Reports in 2009. The Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center surveyed 14,000 subscribers with lower back pain. The survey asked participants to rate a variety of different treatments on how helpful and satisfied they were with the results.

The report concluded: “Eighty-eight percent of those who tried chiropractic manipulation said it helped a lot, and 59 percent were ‘completely’ or ‘very’ satisfied with their chiropractor.”

Back and neck pain, of course, are most closely associated with chiropractic. But chiropractic can relieve plenty of other maladies, ranging from GERD to colic.

The reason is spinal manipulation, which corrects what chiropractors call “subluxations,” or vertebrae that have shifted out of position. Misaligned vertebrae put pressure on the spinal nerves, interfering with the messages that travel from the brain down the spinal cord and out to all the organs, muscles and systems in the body. Chiropractors strive to eliminate the blockage and allow the body to heal itself naturally.

Chiropractors skilled in what’s known as Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) take this one step further – rather than focus on immediate pain relief, they correct and restore your spine back to alignment, through adjustment, exercise and “spinal remodeling.” CBT is the most-researched and results-oriented chiropractic care available. Only a small percentage of dedicated and highly educated chiropractors are certified to practice this technique.

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