Natural and Effective Fatigue Treatment Boise Eagle Idaho

Thousands of Boise and Eagle residents are living coffee cup to coffee cup, nap to nap, and energy drink to energy drink – just to be able to function and get through the day. While most have accepted this as their “reality”, others have been more proactive and sought the help of their medical doctor. Unfortunately, most are diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and sent home without any real resolution.

Those suffering with fatigue / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome often find themselves withdrawing from activities and events they once enjoyed. They tend to go into a state of depression, have difficulty concentrating, or experience recurring headaches and mild pain in the joints.

Natural and Effective Fatigue Treatment

Did you know the most common cause of fatigue can be traced back to your poor neck posture? Dr. Deed Harrison, founder and clinical director of the Ideal Spine Health Center and a highly-respected chiropractic researcher and the president and CEO of Chiropractic BioPhysics, has successfully treated thousands of patients suffering with fatigue and fibromyalgia, without any drugs, surgery, or painful procedures.

Spinal misalignments exert excessive, and sometimes-dangerous amounts of pressure on the delicate nerves flowing out of the spine; the very same nerves that carry vital nerve energy from the brain to all the organs and limbs in the human body. Without proper nerve flow, the body will go into a state of fatigue, organ dysfunction, and eventually disease. Therefore, by taking pressure off of these delicate nerves, proper nerve energy is restored, and the body begins to heal and function as it was intended.

Dr. Deed Harrison and his team of corrective care chiropractors at the Ideal Spine Health Center in Boise / Eagle Idaho, use advanced postural analysis software / digital x-rays to accurately pinpoint the area of the spine where the misalignment is attributing to your fatigue, and utilize the most researched, scientific, and results-oriented chiropractic technique – Chiropractic BioPhysics – to realign the spine back to health.

Where to Start?

If you are tired of feeling tired and out of energy, or are sick of being sick, we can help. The Ideal Spine Health Center is the largest Chiropractic BioPhysics facility in the world, specializing in corrective chiropractic care. We have helped thousands of Boise, Eagle, and Meridian residents eliminate the source of fatigue and fibromyalgia naturally, and effectively. Please call us today at 208-939-2502 to schedule your complimentary consultation, and see if you are a candidate for corrective care.